ATALYST arranges private money loans on commercial income-producing property and entitled land held for development.

Private mortgage loans are real estate mortgage loans (secured by a deed of trust on real property) funded by individual investors as an alternative to banks or other lenders. Private mortgage loans offer qualified investors an opportunity to invest in loans that pay higher interest rates than many other investment options, i.e., money market funds, treasuries, or corporate bonds.

ATALYST determines the primary terms of each proposed loan, including the rate, duration, collateral, and recourse. These factors are adjusted based on the specifics of each transaction.


$500,000 —



~10% - 12.5%

Approximately, depending on deal.


Up to 1 year

With extension options


CA and NV



Depending on deal


Primarily 1st DOT

Will consider some 2nd DOT opportunities

Borrowers elect to fund projects through private mortgage loans if they i) need to close quickly, ii) need time to stabilize or construct a project, or iii) seek higher leverage. Before the 2006/2007 real estate downturn, community banks were a primary source of capital for many real estate entrepreneurs and developers. Since the downturn many banks have limited their commercial real estate lending due to already heavy real estate loan concentrations and regulatory constraints increasing the need for private money loans.

Private Money Lending – Markets We Service

Our capital raising services are offered in the following markets: Las VegasRenoSan FranciscoSouthern California, and Austin.

Money invested through a mortgage broker is not guaranteed to earn any interest or return and is not insured. Prior to investing in a loan, investors must be provided with applicable disclosure documents. ATALYST is regulated by the Bureau of Real Estate in California (#02006502) and the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending (#3559) and registered with the NMLS (#372150). 


Private Family Trust

Private Loan

Senior loan secured by commercial property holdings


West Charleston Lofts

Private Loan

Senior Loan secured by six high end loft townhomes

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